RecSQL – simple SQL analysis of python records

Date:May 29, 2016

RecSQL is a hack that allows one to load table-like data records into an in-memory sqlite database for quick and dirty analysis via SQL. The SQLarray class has additional SQL functions such as sqrt or histogram defined. SQL tables can always be returned as numpy record arrays so that data can be easily handled in other packages such as numpy or plotted via matplotlib. Selections produce new SQLarray objects.

Most of the Documentation is generated from the python doc strings. See INSTALL for installation instructions.

The package and the documentation are still in flux and any feedback, bug reports, suggestions and contributions are very welcome. See the package README for contact details.


This package is Copyright 2007–2016, Oliver Beckstein.

The RecSQL package is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3 (or any higher version at your choice). See the file LICENSE.